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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Make a Wish - Paris

Have you stopped by Carla Coulson's beautiful photography blog yet? It's so inspiring to read her story, originally from Sydney one day she realised that her life wasn't going to change unless she made plans to change it, so she packed her bags, rented out her apartment and moved to Italy to study photography (dream!). Eleven years later she is living in Paris and working as a photographer with her work published in some of the largest magazines around the world. She has also published six photographic books during this time. Her beautiful images grace my inbox daily bringing me a little piece of Paris - I thought today's first photo was particularly beautiful after reading about her background. Have a look for yourself here.


  1. yes i have checked her out - she was in the latest issue of inside out! I love her house and life - it inspired me to take a trip to the markets, as she does - however hers are in paris!

  2. Amazing pictures !!

    I watched your blog ans he is really good !! i enjoy reading your article :)



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