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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Shopaholic, moi?

Once a month, the day before payday my girlfriend and I have conversations which go like this: 
- Really have to save next month. My last holiday has left me eating pot noodles for 3 weeks. Must resist the urge to enter Zara/ COS/ Topshop/ AllSaints and finally put away some money! 
Then the blessed payday arrives (today) and our emails sound like this:
- My pay has been in my account for less than 12 hours and I just bought three things at Zara. I had to walk past their twice on the way to a meeting so it was a sign!!!! 
My response:
- Funny you say that because I just raced up to Topshop in my lunchbreak and bought 2 tank tops and a pair of leather leggings.
- We can't be trusted anymore. A broker at my work just told me I need a course in cash managment.
- Wondering if I should tell her I spent two hours this morning stalking ASOS and Net-A-Porter....

So do you have similar conversations with your girlfriends (please tell me you do) and someone please tell me the secret of saving money when I work 5 minutes from fashion central London! (And for those of you who know me personally, please don't say listen to your husband when he says don't buy any more shoes.. it's just not an option..)

L x

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